Practice Management Software for Lawyers

Amicus Attorney

Amicus Attorney, designed by lawyers for lawyers

Amicus Attorney is sophisticated on-premises practice management, calendaring, contact management, and billing software. We are certified partners and can provide training and support.

Amicus Attorney software helps you to:

  • Organize your practice
  • Work more efficiently
  • Provide better client service
  • Improve teamwork
  • Capture more billable time
  • Bill more efficiently
  • Reduce risk
  • Choose desktop or ‘cloud’
  • Work anywhere
  • Have peace of mind

Amicus Attorney helps you:

  • Manage your files
  • Organize your calendar
  • Keep notes and contact people
  • Be on top of your incoming and outgoing communications
  • Do research
  • Record the time you spend on your activities and more.

When you use Amicus Attorney you can focus on the substantive and innovative aspects of your practice while Amicus Attorney does the background tasks for you.

Click or tap to download an even more comprehensive look at what Amicus Attorney software can do for your law firm.

Choosing Desktop or Online

With Amicus Attorney you have the freedom to choose a desktop or cloud solution. We are here to help you to understand the differences and choose which is right for your practice. All Amicus Attorney products are user-friendly, easy to use, and deliver the tools you need to do more, bill more, and go home early.

Desktop Solution

Desktop software is installed on your local PC. It is completely under your control. It runs faster, does more, and over time costs less. Desktop software is most often chosen by practices with more sophisticated needs.

Online Solution

With an online solution, nothing is installed on your PC. It runs through your browser over the internet. Amicus Online solution offers ideal mobility, runs on most mobile devices, and requires little IT knowledge or infrastructure at your end.

You can get started right away and pay as you go. Convenient monthly payments mean you’ll only pay for what you use. You’ll avoid big lump costs. Most jurisdictions consider subscription costs a deductible operating expense. So, your real cost is even lower.

Features are the deciding factor

If you want powerful, customized, automated practice management, Amicus Premium’s Desktop solution is your best choice. Amicus Online is your solution, when your requirements are simpler, with mobility and freedom from IT being your priorities.

Undecided on whether to choose Desktop or Online for your law practice?

Whether you’re a solo attorney or larger firm, we’re here to support you with certified technology consultants who take the guesswork out of selecting, installing, and optimizing legal practice software solutions.

At Amicus Consulting, our certified consultants help you to determine which Practice Management software solutions will work best for your law firm.

Give us a call at 914-738-9148, our consultants would be happy to help!

At Amicus Consulting, our mission is to help you select and implement the software that will work best for your firm.