time & billing Software for Lawyers


Cosmolex Timekeeping Tools Turn Minutes into Money

Easy legal billing software, project management options and on-the-go time capturing mean your law firm’s time and money won’t fall through the cracks. The simple all-inclusive pricing includes all CosmoLex features, without requiring a long-term contract. Billable time leakage is virtually eliminated thanks to CosmoLex’s fully integrated approach. Mobile timers encourage you to capture time in the moment, wherever you are.

The CosmoLex Money Finder lets you mark events, tasks, notes, and more as billable as they are created during the process of a normal day in your office. Once that item is completed in CosmoLex, if you have not made a time entry for it, the CosmoLex Money Finder will remind you on your Dashboard every day.

Comprehensive, Compliant, Complete Trust Accounting

Trust accounting is built-in, right alongside legal practice management, legal billing software, and general accounting. CosmoLex will do all your law firm’s trust bookkeeping—automatically, in the background, and in real-time.

  • Manage individual client ledgers 
  • Prevent common trust accounting mistakes like ledger overdrafts or commingling  
  • Online payments for Individual or bulk invoices using trust funds  
  • Automatic trust-to-general transfer 
  • Print disbursement checks 
  • Track & disburse third-party lien claims 
  • Import electronic bank statements and auto-reconcile books 
  • Three-way reconciliation reporting capabilities in one click 
  • Comprehensive set of trust record-keeping and financial reporting

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