Document Management Software

Create an effective Document Management System

Many law offices use a manual system for storing and retrieving documents. This often results in misplaced documents, missing documents, misnamed documents, and other mishaps.

An effective Document Management System (DMS) should protect and preserve your firm’s most valuable property (documents, emails, images) while enabling fast search and safe collaboration.

DMS software can also standardize your document-related workflows, making it easy to train existing users and new hires.

A DMS provides two advantages over simply storing documents in a traditional Windows folder structure. An effective Document Management System gives you the ability to quickly find documents in addition to managing and securing them.

Your DMS must support the ability to access documents from outside the office, whether on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Scanners must be able to work with the document management system too.

How can you find the one best suited for your law firm?

At Amicus Consulting, we can help you decide between on-premises and cloud-based systems, and sort through the options and features to determine which system will be the best fit for your firm.

We support your Document Management software with:

  • Installing and configuring of the document management system
  • Importing client/matter fields from a billing system or practice management system
  • Selecting what document types you need and with the design of the document profiles or cabinets
  • Determining how many profiles/cabinets you will need, what levels of security you will need on the system,  etc.
  • Providing end user training
  • Administrator training
  • Follow up training and support
  • Initial and ongoing end-user training and assistance
  • Ongoing maintenance including upgrades and patches

At Amicus Consulting, our mission is to help you select and implement the software that will work best for your firm.