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Document Management

Many law offices use a manual system for storing and retrieving documents. This often results in misplaced documents, missing documents, misnamed documents, and other mishaps.

An effective Document Management System (DMS) should protect and preserve your firm’s most valuable property (documents, emails, images) while enabling fast search and safe collaboration. DMS software can also standardize your document-related workflows, making it easy to train existing users and new hires.

A DMS provides two advantages over simply storing documents in a traditional Windows folder structure. An effective Document Management System gives you the ability to quickly find documents in addition to managing and securing them.

Your DMS must support the ability to access documents from outside the office, whether on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Scanners must be able to work with the document management system too.

How can you find the one best suited for your law firm?

At Amicus Consulting, we can help you decide between on-premises and cloud-based systems, and sort through the options and features to determine which system will be the best fit for your firm.
We support your Document Management software with:

  • Installing  and  configuring  of the document management system
  • Importing client/matter fields from a billing system or practice management system
  • Selecting  what  document  types  you  need  and  with  the  design  of  the  document  profiles or cabinets
  • Determining how many profiles/cabinets you will need, what levels of security you will need on the system,  etc. 
  • Providing  end  user  training
  • Administrator training
  • Follow up training and support
  • Initial and ongoing end-user training and assistance
  • Ongoing maintenance including upgrades and patches


Worldox® is a comprehensive document management software. Using Worldox® your team can access the information and knowledge you own

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NetDocuments is document management software to create, secure, manage, access, and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, …

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SymphonysuiteTM is an imaging solution that streamlines the process of scanning, filing, and Optical Character Recognition (ORC) searching your practice’s documents.

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DocsCorp software helps solve the everyday problems of law practice document management. Because its software integrates …

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Worldox® is comprehensive document management software. Using Worldox®, members of your law practice can access the information and knowledge you own – from word processing files and spreadsheets to emails and scanned documents even voicemails – virtually anything that can be stored as a file.

Worldox® gives your team members a single, easy-to-use interface to locate, view, and work with the exact documents and information they need.

With Worldox® software you have access to documents from anywhere, whether in the office, at home, or while traveling. The Worldox® product line includes Professional, the traditional networked version; Cloud, hosted by World Software, with access anywhere; and Enterprise, similar in architecture to Cloud, but hosted on your law firm servers. Worldox® Enterprise and Cloud work as web-based applications with the look and feel of Worldox® Professional. From a user perspective, none of the features are given up or changed.

World Software’s product line encompasses solutions for on-premises document management to access from anywhere, whether in the office, at home, or while traveling. The product line includes Professional, the traditional networked version; Cloud, hosted by World Software, with access anywhere; and Enterprise, similar in architecture to Cloud but hosted on the law firm servers. Worldox Enterprise and Cloud uniquely connect with local office software installed on a workstation to provide the user with the same experience as Worldox Professional software.

Worldox software helps you to:

  • Centralize firm documents
  • Support consistency
  • Collaborate as teams
  • Respond  to questions, problems, and new business opportunities
  • Control document versions
  • Reduce search time and expense
  • Leverage existing information
  • Build/store/retrieve firm intellectual property
  • Maintain security
  • Work in the office or mobile

Cost Effective Document Management

Worldox® is a cost-effective document management solution. The system is designed to deliver the document capabilities you need without hidden costs from acquisition and deployment through administration and upgrades.  It costs less to deploy and maintain than other document management solutions because there is no need for a separate server or database licenses.

Your firm will also save time drafting documents by retrieving precedents from within your own knowledge base. Features include:

  • Built-in database: Doesn’t require separate database licenses
  • Short learning curve: Streamlined, builds on prior knowledge, an intuitive, wide variety of features
  • Upgrades: Often free of charge with your active maintenance contract

Comprehensive Document Management

Worldox® Document Management software centralizes everything you need to organize, control, describe, index, and categorize all of your electronic documents and e-mail content. These are some of the features it provides.

  • User-friendly, unified interface: Allows users to pinpoint and view the correct file (wherever it was created or stored regardless of format)
  • Profiling: Profiling: Quickly retrieve documents by the client, matter, document type, author, and description.
  • Search: Advanced full-text search and retrieval
  • Compatible Viewing: Supports over 270 document formats, view whether or not source programs are available
  • Security: Built-in security at all levels – document, user, and group level, plus full support for your practice’s Active Directory security model, and comprehensive auditing
  • Access and Version Control: Help multiple authors coordinate their activities and ensure the correct document version is being used
  • Retention and Archiving: Automatically assign predefined lifecycles to your documents, and specify what will happen when those lifecycles end
  • Favorites: Quick access to recently modified documents and emails

Openness, scalability, and integration

Worldox® is scalable to meet your Document Management needs whether you are a large practice or practicing solo. In addition to scalability, Worldox® is designed to integrate with most document programs and formats. Worldox® integrates directly with:

  • Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Office 2013) and other office suites
  • E-mail integration with MS Outlook
  • Law practice and financial services systems
  • Time and billing applications
  • Major scanning hardware/software platforms, and much more
  • Streamline any document-related process. Developers can create custom applications and workflows using the Worldox API.
  • You can also use Worldox data in any SQL-based reporting or enterprise application using add-on tools like wd for SQL Connector.


For more detailed information about Worldox®, specific features, or how
it can help your law practice, please call 914-738-9148

Document access from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device

Worldox® makes it easy for firm members to access their documents from anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device. With Worldox/Web Mobile works to extend the power of Worldox document management for firm members wherever they go.

With Worldox/Web Mobile your team can:

  • Respond more quickly to client queries and new opportunities
  • Solve urgent problems
  • Share information with partners and colleagues
  • Get more done wherever they are
  • Web mobile
  • iPhone iPad App
  • Cloud




NetDocuments® supports your law practice with document management software to create, secure, manage, access, and collaborate on documents and email anywhere, anytime, on any device.

It features world-class security, compliance, and disaster recovery. Plus Netdocuments® document management software is scalable. That means that whether you have a large practice or are practicing solo, NetDocuments® will fit your document management needs.

NetDocuments® supports your law practice with:

  • Document Management
  • Permissions and Restrictions
  • Email Management
  • Compliance and Security
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration

Document Management

The cloud-based NetDocuments® platform is designed to help your law practice reduce costs and increase productivity with the client, matter, project-centric workspaces, enterprise search, built-in disaster recovery, and anytime, anywhere, any-device access to your documents.

Law firms use it to create, edit, share and collaborate with others. It gives you the tools to organize documents into folders based on clients or projects, search the content of your documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, and email), secure and backup your data.

NetDocuments® cloud computing eliminates the barriers and costs of on-premise hardware, system software, out-of-date software, and business continuity risks.

Telephones, electricity, and E-commerce are all cloud services. Your law practice’s documents and the technology-driven processes to support them are now delivered as services in the cloud. NetDocuments® features (next tab):

Document Management (continued)

  • Organization: Organize documents across cabinets, tags, folders, or workspaces across the firm’s global repository
  • Enterprise Search: Search across cabinets or the entire repository with full-text enterprise search, including search analysis, metadata, phrase, and proximity searching that supports Boolean operators, lemmatization, and spell checking
  • Document Work: Create, edit, and collaborate on documents with full version control, locking, and rights provisioning
  • Permissions and Restrictions: Customize user access, grant or restrict access and edit rights to individuals or user groups at the cabinet, folder, metadata, or document level
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office and Adobe to open, save, and edit documents
  • Lifecycle and Retention: Customize document lifecycle and retention policies, litigation hold, and imaging services
  • Alerts: Receive automatic notifications for documents and folders you follow
  • Document History: View document audit trails, track activity by user, date, time, and action
  • Approvals: Stamp documents with your approval to support workflow
  • Integrations: Integrate your document work with many of your other third-party applications

Email Management

NetDocuments® Email Management Service (EMS) allows you to intelligently save, file, and manage emails through seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

In NetDocuments, you have the ability to organize documents, emails, attachments, and other content into a single location. Emails can be dragged or tagged to native Outlook folders. A copy is then sent to the matter, client, or project-centric workspace in NetDocuments. Email management tools include:

  • Drag and Drop: Drag, drop, and synchronize emails
  • Predictive Tagging: Streamline document retrieval by using predictive metadata tagging based on previous client, matter, or project selections
  • Search: Supports email-specific search
  • Recent Email Tracking: Use “My Email” to view recently sent or received emails
  • Mobile Access: File and view with mobile devices or Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Native File Format: Messages are kept in native .msg files
  • MAPI-compliant: MAPI-compliant email system for outgoing emails initiated within NetDocuments®
  • Auto-prompt: Receive Auto-prompts to file outgoing messages

Security and Compliance

NetDocuments® delivers world-class security, compliance, privacy, and availability for documents and emails. With NetDocuments® your law practice’s digital assets are protected and encrypted in transit and at rest across private, redundant, and federally regulated datacenters.

Built from the ground up, NetDocuments® is a proprietary software designed with a key patent to manage the security and rights to a document by wrapping the contents in a digital envelope. Similar to a physical envelope, the wrapped digital object is able to maintain access rights, account information, metadata, and any other information relating to a document at the document level. Key security and compliance features include:

  • Data Encryption: Files are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Patented Security: Embedded permissions and ethical wall rules support obfuscated digital envelopes
  • Authentication: Two-factor authentication with RSA, SecurID or a digital certificate as well as Active Directory integration
  • Background Checks: Employee checks performed for financial, criminal, ID, Terrorism watch list
  • Security: Access rights, permissions, and ethical walls based on users, and groups

Security and Compliance (continued)

  • Network Security: Dual redundant firewalls, network IPS, layer 7 IPS, DOS prevention, and penetration tests
  • Annual Service Organization Controls (SOC): 2 audits based on standards set by the AICPA
  • SEC and FINRA Compliance: SEC rule 17a and 204 compliant, in addition to third-party downloader addendum and WORM (write once, read many) storage.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 for privacy, security, and breach notification rules
  • Data Randomization: Files are randomized across 1.6 million directory node networks
  • Physical Security: 24×7 armed guards, perimeter defense, and video surveillance
  • Separation of Duties: Segregated duties and access across hardware operators, O/S personnel, software engineers, and support staff
  • VPN & Active Directory Controls: Prohibits removable media from accessing document storage, two-factor VPN access authentication


With NetDocuments® mobility, team members in multiple offices, as well as those working remotely, can access, manage and collaborate on content.

Security and disaster recovery are built into all editions of NetDocuments® including mobile devices. Mobility features include:

  • Mobility: Full mobile functionality with apps for iPad and iPhone
  • Browse: View, documents, folders, and workspaces from anywhere, anytime, on any device via our mobile web interface
  • Portability: Carry your documents, folders, and workspaces with you
  • Use: Open, view, and edit documents in your favorite document productivity apps
  • Compliance: WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) compliant for immediate integrations with other WebDAV apps
  • Upload and Download: Upload files from other apps
  • Access: Access your most recent documents and search full text to locate documents
  • Photos: Upload photos
  • Share: Share documents with others via email
  • Synchronize: Use Android FolderSync to sync files while working mobile


NetDocuments® features a rich set of tools to support collaborative work with individuals inside and outside your law practice.

When you need to work together as a team, and across departments, NetDocuments® suite of collaboration features enables document access, editing, sharing, and organization.

Customizable metadata tags organize content into collaborative workspaces. Workspaces can be accessed by team members and groups with appropriate security rights. Features to support collaboration include:

  • Direct Links: Notify team members with direct document links
  • Document Approval: Set approval standards
  • Version Control: Auto-versioning and version locking
  • Audit Trail: Tracks document history and audit trail
  • Document Delivery: Deliver a secured link to a document, select one or multiple documents, generate a direct access URL, set an optional password, lock the shared version, grant or restrict download, set an automatic expiration date for the URL

Collaboration (continued)

ShareSpaces: Create room for ongoing collaboration with individuals outside your law practice. Features include:

  • Unlimited secure digital rooms to share content
  • Accounts for individuals accessing the Share Space
  • Customizable security rights and permissions for access
  • Document Categories to organize documents
  • Secure discussion threads
  • Auto notifications when content is added or edited
  • Ability to customize with your unique logo


For more detailed information about Netdocuments®, specific features, or how it can help your law practice, please call 914-738-9148




Symphony SuiteTM is an imaging solution that streamlines the process of scanning, filing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searching your practice’s documents. With Symphony SuiteTM software every keyword and phrase in your document can be found with a simple text search.

Symphony SuiteTM scanning process and OCR technology help your firm manage paper documents with the same level of efficiency as it manages electronic documents.

Symphony Profiler gives you the ability to profile, scan, and file documents into the Worldox Document Management System (DMS).

Symphony OCR leverages the text-search capabilities within your DMS. All of your documents become text-searchable by keyword or phrase regardless of origin or date of receipt. This includes all documents in your DMS (past, present, or future) received via email attachment, e-fax, external disk, thumb drive, or scanner.

Symphony SuiteTM provides:

  • Scanning
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Full-Text Search
  • Advanced Document Analysis
  • Content Preservation

Optimized Scanning

With Symphony Profiler, interns or clerical staff can batch scan a large number of documents all at once. The documents are scanned and filed into Worldox and ready for optical character recognition via automatic OCR technology.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Make all documents searchable with OCR. With SymphonysuiteTM electronic document management system, you have the ability to access documents with a simple text search using optical character recognition (OCR). In the past 25-50% of documents were not text-searchable because documents were scanned and stored as an image file – not a text file.

When you run SymphonysuiteTM in the background you have the ability to automatically batch-create text-searchable PDF documents.

When you save PDFs and TIFFs within your document management system they are automatically OCRed. Every PDF becomes text-searchable, including those that are scanned, emailed, downloaded from the Internet, email attachments with PDFs, and even the PDFs already in your repository.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Additional Benefits for Every PDF Saved include:

  • Full-Text Search – Search any repository document by keyword or phrase
  • Select and Copy: Select, copy, and paste content
  • Advanced Analysis: Determines which pages in a PDF are or are not appropriate for OCR
  • Image Existing Files: Documents saved in the repository prior to running SymphonysuiteTM will also be OCRed
  • Content Preservation: Original files remain intact, including any PDF annotations, Bates numbers, bookmarks, etc.




DocsCorp software helps solve the everyday problems of law practice document management. DocsCorp software streamlines work processes to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when working with legal documents because its software integrates with core legal applications, process, and systems.

DocsCorp software provides law firms with PDF and PDF/A creation and validation, document collation, annotation, redaction, form-filling, OCR conversion and processing, Bates numbering, metadata removal, file splitting, document comparison, and document bundling capability. DocsCorp supports your law practice with:

  • PDF Creation and Management
  • Binder Projects
  • Document Integration and Conversion
  • Document-To-Document Comparison
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Metadata Removal
  • Document Search


Compare Documents:

  • Compare Word to Word
  • Compare Word to PDF
  • Compare Excel to Excel

Compare PDF to PDF:

  • Compare PDF to any other text-based document format
  • Microsoft Office Integration:
  • Word-to-Word comparisons display in new Word document
  • Uses Word “Track Changes” functionality to accept/reject changes
  • Complete integration with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 DOCX file formats


  • Produce a variety of statistical summary, side-by-side and consolidated reports highlighting document differences

Content Crawler

Make Text Searchable:

  • Assess the text searchability of documents in a Content Repository
  • Check all non-searchable content such as image files, image PDFs and emails with attachments
  • Process documents using OCR technology to generate a new PDF with a hidden text layer
  • Save the OCR’ed PDF into the DMS ready to be indexed by the search engine

Automated Process:

  • Runs as an automated end-to-end process, or a manual one with “hold for review” stages
  • Works in either Backlog or Active Monitoring modes, or both


  • Integrates with all leading DMS – Autonomy iManage WorkSite, OpenText Content Server, OpenText eDOCS DM and OpenText Livelink Microsoft Share Point and Microsoft Windows file systems

PDF Documents

Create PDFs:

  • Create PDF documents from any application
  • Use Watchfolders to automatically convert image files to PDF
  • Generate and verify PDF/A documents

Binder Projects:

  • Create multiple matter-centric Project folders
  • Create Organizer templates including output and security settings
  • Save the Organizer Project to a shared location for collaboration
  • Collate PDFs and non-PDFs into a Matter book
  • Automatically generate Table of Contents, bookmarks, and links

PDF Documents (continued)

PDF Management:

  • Create, edit, copy and save Numbering Sets, including Bates Numbering
  • Edit and customize page numbering
  • Capture information by adding form fields to PDF forms
  • Split PDFs by size or number of pages for eFiling or email compliance
  • Redact images and text from the document
  • Add markup and comments to the PDF
  • Cleanse document of PDF metadata


  • Integrate with leading Document Management Systems
  • Convert to PDF from MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Convert some or all email attachments to PDF before sending
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