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Save Time & Increase Productivity by Finding Documents with Symphony OCR

Have you ever found yourself searching and searching for a PDF document but with no luck of finding it OR else spending 30 minutes of wasted time?  To ensure your entire document repository is text searchable, we recommend the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Why should you OCR documents?

OCR stands for “optical character recognition”. Once a document has been OCR’ed, it becomes fully text-searchable, making it significantly easier and faster to find. This ensures better searching  with better results, prevents you from having to recreate the wheel (don’t have to recreate the same things over and over), and improves document retrieval, storage, and sharing efficiency.  Imaged documents (PDF/ TIFF) are not text searchable, which could be as much as 30 – 40% of your document repository. 

Symphony OCR

Symphony OCR enables firms who use Worldox, MetaJure, PracticeMaster, NetDocuments or Windows Folder Tree structures to conduct full-text search functionality for all PDF and TIFF documents.

Symphony OCR  saves users the hassle of having to wait for each document to be OCRed by the scanner before they can scan their next file.  Instead of OCRing upon the scan, with Symphony, OCR-ing happens silently in the background after the document has been put in its final resting place. This frees up valuable time for end-users who waste less time waiting on the OCR process.

Another advantage of Symphony OCR is regardless of the document source (email attachment, e-fax, external drives, USB flash drive or scan) saved into the repository; Symphony OCR will make ALL of your documents text-searchable. This is possible since Symphony OCR works silently in the background and constantly monitors for new documents which need to be OCRed.

If you use document management and want to add automatic OCR to all of your PDF and TIFF documents, we recommend that you add Symphony OCR. Please contact Amicus Consulting to discuss adding this capability. Call (914) 738-9148 or send an email to

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