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Software Selection Assistance: We provide personalized consultations to understand your specific requirements and business objectives. Our experts carefully analyze your needs and recommend the best-fit document management, practice management, and billing software tailored to your firm’s unique workflow.

Seamless Implementation: Transitioning to new software can be overwhelming, but we make it manageable. We guide you through every step of the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our goal is to help you make the most out of your new software from day one.

Migration from Existing Systems: We have the skills and experience to assure an efficient and correct transfer of data from your existing case management, billing and accounting, and document management applications to cloud software platforms.

Comprehensive Training: Adopting new technology requires proper training for your team to fully utilize the software. Amicus Consulting offers comprehensive training programs customized to your team’s proficiency level, ensuring they benefit from using the software efficiently and effectively.

Software Offerings

Effective Practice Management software streamlines your practice’s workflow, improves productivity, and reduces operating costs.By making contacts, calendar, client, and matter information all available within a single application framework, legal staff can quickly access all relevant information on a matter. The most comprehensive practice management packages include billing and document processing functions, thus addressing all aspects of a firm’s information management requirements.

At Amicus Consulting, we see Billing and Accounting as the backbone of your business. This is true regardless of whether your billing is hourly, transactional or contingency. Modern billing software enables firm management to track the productivity of firm members and the profitability of client relationships. Time capture is simplified by interfaces to email software and the availability of task timers that automatically generate time records. Automated time capture speeds up the billing cycle and reduces billing errors

Document Management software enables the computerized filing and retrieval of documents, allowing them to be indexed by multiple keys and associated with clients, matters, and authors. Productivity is improved by cutting the time required to locate, revise, and issue legal documents. Loss of documents is minimized, and facilities exist for electronic sharing of documents with clients. Paper documents can be scanned and converted to searchable text, thus improving document access and minimizing the burden of tracking physical documents.

Practice Management Software

Document Management Software

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At Amicus Consulting, our mission is to help you select and implement the software that will work best for your firm.