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Take advantage of our decades of experience bringing up your software quickly and smoothly.

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Advice on current technology and best fit for your office

With every vendor claiming that their software is the best in the industry, how do you know what software to choose for your firm? Moreover, how do you know what software will work well with the other programs that your firm uses?

We provide guidance on what technology is most appropriate for your specific practice, enabling you to start with the best solution for your unique needs. Our advisors take into account your current technology platforms, suitability for the area of practice, compatibility with other software you are using, the stability of the software vendors, and staff training and productivity considerations.

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Installation and software customization

Software needs to be installed with:

  • An understanding of the operating system
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware facilities in place,
    Knowledge of the storage and memory requirements as the databases grow from year to year
  • A plan to back up the precious data that will be maintained in these systems

Many general IT integrators and network support companies are typically not familiar with specialized legal application packages, and often their work needs to be corrected or redone at considerable expense.

When you work with Amicus Consulting, your software is installed correctly because legal software is our specialty.

Once the software is installed, it should be customized to best fit the needs of your firm.

  • Billing systems typically require the setup of bill templates, activities, and types of billing based on areas of practice.
  • Calendar and case management systems need to be carefully tailored to meet the needs of your unique firm.
  • In some cases, customized screens and reports need to be designed and set up.

Your consultant will work with you to design a customization plan that will have your software working efficiently for your firm right from the start.

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Data conversion

When you upgrade or change from one software system to another, you must transfer your data. This is usually not a simple “push-button” process.

Codes and fields may need to be changed; dates may be stored differently; fields may be of different lengths; there may be extra spaces or characters that prevent smooth importing of data.

Amicus Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience in cleaning up and converting financial, practice management, and calendar data, and importing it into new systems.  

Contact us to discuss your conversion plans.

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Application integration

Get the answers and advice you want on how best to get your practice’s different software packages to work together.
Clients often ask:

  • Which software packages “play well with others”?
  • Which billing and accounting programs will integrate best with my particular case management program?
  • Do I use Outlook for email, which case management packages will interface best with it?
  • Which case management packages link to document management packages?

Your consultant has the answers to most common application integration questions, based on our many years of field experience.

4 Key Reasons to optimize integration of your software:

  • With well-integrated software in place, you will greatly reduce duplication of data entry
  • You will have better control over the capture of time to be billed to clients
  • Your staff will operate more smoothly as programs link easily to each other
  • You will save time through more efficient operation and faster information lookups

When it comes to having choices from which the best integration solutions can be developed your consultant can guide you through a range of options because we support multiple products.

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On the surface, training may appear to be a luxury, however, time and again we have been called in to fix problems that never would have arisen had the staff gained a basic understanding of their billing, accounting, or calendar and practice management software. Proper training saves you time, money, and reduces both turnaround time and stress.

Understanding how to use your software to monitor the efficiency and profitability of your practice is key for managing partners.

Cross-training is also important among staff members to ensure that the firm is not dependent on just one person to run the bills or control the calendar.  

Local courses aimed at the general public may not address your legal-specific software training challenges.

Unlike most generic training courses, Amicus Consulting, Inc. offers legal-specific training, aimed at the unique needs of your firm. We also understand that you can’t pull everyone out of a busy law office for training at the same time. That’s why when you work with Amicus Consulting, your training can take place in your offices, or if you prefer, can be offered over the web through Go To Meeting remote access sessions.

Contact us to come up with a training plan for your office.

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Office Procedure Streamlining

Amicus Consulting can assist you in analyzing your office procedures and creating a roadmap for change that can streamline processes to save time, money, and valuable resources.
With salaries and benefits costs increasing every year, it makes sense to evaluate your office’s operating processes to find where time can be saved and client satisfaction improved.

Why add another paralegal or staff member when the firm is busy if better procedures, combined with automated tools, can improve efficiency?

What if your manual tickler or reminder systems could be automated – would that free up time now spent by highly skilled administrators?

What if your intake process could be improved?

What about tracking documents that have been requested?

All of these areas can potentially benefit from automated and optimized procedures.

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Electronic Billing Implementation

Amicus Consulting can efficiently guide your firm through the process of converting to electronic billing.

Insurance defense firms and firms who are of counsel to corporations often need to prepare bills in electronic format.
Some of the most common formats are Ledes1998B, Ledes2000, Examen, and Tymetrix.

If you have been asked to move to electronic billing, this can be a complex transition as it requires specialized software, setting up ABA codes, and training timekeepers and billing personnel in how to enter time and expenses to comply with billing requirements.

Your consultant is here to support your transition to electronic billing.

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