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At Amicus Consulting, we see billing and accounting as the backbone of your business. This is true regardless of whether your billing is hourly, transactional or contingency. You already know the importance of billing. We want to help you implement a system of best practices for billing efficiently and keeping track of productivity and cash receipts by client, employee, or practice area. We want to help you find your lost time and make it easier for you to capture that lost time by seamlessly integrating practice management into your timekeeping routine.

We offer a variety of legal billing and accounting solutions designed specifically for law firms by the companies who set the standards. One of these systems is right for you. Contact us and let us show you how the right tools in the right setting with the right practices can help you.

Some billing software can be integrated with an external accounting system such as Intuit’s QuickBooks, while other software includes both billing and accounting functions in one program. We can walk you through the features of each program and help you to decide whether an “all-in-one” or “just billing” program is right for your firm.

Time Billing Software Solutions

At Amicus Consulting, our certified consultants help you to determine which Time Billing software solution will work best for your law firm. We support your Time Billing software with:

  • Database setup and configuration
  • Installation services
  • Customization to meet your firm’s needs and practice requirements
  • Users and security rules set up to control access to the functions of the system
  • Set up rate structures by practice area or other considerations
  • Set up multiple bill layouts as needed
  • Set up productivity and other reports by an attorney, practice area, or other criteria
  • Optionally set up integration with Intuit QuickBooks
  • Initial and ongoing end-user training and assistance
  • Ongoing maintenance including upgrades, patches, and implementation of new features 


Insightful Time & Expense Capture & Billing

An industry-leading time and billing solution, Sage Timeslips enables businesses to manage the time-tracking and billing process

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All-in-One Matter, Billing, Time and Expense Accounting Software

PCLaw® is time billing software to manage matters, track time, expenses, manage trust accounts, bill

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Sage Timeslips Introduction

An industry-leading time and billing solution, Sage Timeslips enables businesses to manage the time-tracking and billing process easily and efficiently.

Sage Timeslips makes it easy to capture more billable hours, increase profitability and productivity and deliver more accurate and timely billing to your clients. It integrates with popular accounting software, such as Sage 50 Accounting US and QuickBooks®, as well as Microsoft® Outlook and practice management solutions such as Time Matters and Amicus Attorney.

Intuitive Time and Expense Entry

The Automatic Time Capture feature in Sage Timeslips gives you the ability to automate time recording from multiple applications including Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDFs, web pages, third-party applications and more. When you want the freedom of mobile expense entry and tracking, the Timeslips eCenter add-on product provides web-based access with any browser and internet connection including laptops, Apple® Macs, iPads, Android® Tablets or smartphones.

Features to:

  • Use two-way integration to turn time spent on client tasks and email into billable entries
  • Capture billable time with one-click stopwatch timers
  • Generate time and expense entries with eCenter via the web without additional software
  • Prevent errors with customizable rate rules based on any combination of rate, task, client, and timekeeper
  • Track expenses and disbursements for out-of-pocket expenses and for soft costs such as faxes and photocopies, supporting different price levels.
  • Identify timekeepers who have not met minimum requirements
  • Utilize Voice-to-Text recognition to enter description details in free-form text fields, account receivables, client reference, and notes
  • Assign specific tasks and expense items to a client

Bill Creation and Design

Timeslips software helps you to manage your practice’s billing process with custom bill design and creation. It includes tools to print bills for all clients, a subset of clients, activities within a date range, individual timekeepers, or by custom field criteria.

The bill design tool displays a full bill on screen and includes drag-and-drop customization. You can further customize bills by dropping in your logo, adding or removing fields, changing fonts, and reordering sections to create the format that best suits you and your clients. Features to:

  • Provide an overview of client bills with a summary bill cover page
  • Send bills in a variety of industry-standard electronic formats to comply with ABA requirements, including LEDES 98 and Legal Solutions Suite
  • Offer a variety of billing arrangements including contingency, flat fee, and hourly
  • Edit bills during the review/approval process
  • Auto-generate envelopes or labels during the billing process
  • Email bills to one or more recipients after the bills are approved, directly through the Timeslips program.
     Reprint copies of unpaid or partially paid bills to pdf or to a printer in one step
  • Two-way integration with Sage 50 (Peachtree )and QuickBooks®
  • Record payments, write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers in a single interface
  • Allocate timekeeper payments based on recorded contribution
  • Customize bill formats for individual clients
  • Give clients the option of paying with credit and debit cards

Reporting and Management

Choose from more than 100 predefined reports to see, understand, and manage your practice’s performance and financial well-being. Timeslips software helps you to manage the productivity of your staff, monitor the time required to complete tasks, and adjust rates to ensure profitability.

Business intelligence features provide intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to customize graphs and reports for everything from billable time entries, client details, timekeepers, tasks, expenses, and transactions.

Customizable dashboards to highlight your key business indicators

View and edit source data with drill-down capabilities

Timeslips reports include:

  • Work in Progress
  • Aged Accounts Receivable Balance Reports
  • Daily Total of Billable Hours by Timekeeper
  • Invoice Reports
  • Payments by Month
  • Flat Fee Analysis
  • Revenue by Practice Area
  • Revenue by Referral Source

Add-on Solutions

Add-on solutions available to Sage Timeslips users give you more ways to increase practice productivity and the freedom of mobile access. Add-on features make it convenient for you to work the way you prefer. Features include:

  • Web Data Entry: Generate time and expense entries over the web with your office computer or mobile device with a subscription to eCenter
  • Electronic Billing: Transform bills into a variety of industry-standard formats – including LEDES 98, and Legal Solutions Suite
  • Client Payment Options: Use the Sage Exchange integration to authorize credit cards, get an immediate approval or declined, code, reprint receipts, and void transactions
  • Additional Capacity: Add licenses to your network so more team members can track time and billing, payment entry, reporting, and more


PCLaw® Client, Matter, Billing and Accounting Software

PCLaw® is time billing software to manage matters, track time, expenses, manage trust accounts, bill and collect payments from clients, pay vendors, reconcile bank statements, manage calendar appointments and tasks—all from a single source.

This intuitive software helps you to stay on top of your schedule, find matter information, and monitor financial performance without printing reports. PCLaw’s dashboards provide a snapshot view of the time billing data you need to manage your law practice.

It supports reviewing, editing and emailing batches of client invoices all from one screen. Features support your ability to meet client-specific billing needs such as flat-fee, task-based, split, contingency, retainer or LEDES-compliant electronic bills. Standard bill formats include the ability to create new templates or customize bills for individual clients.

PCLaw software helps you to:

  • Centralize all client/matter details
  • Capture billable time/expenses as they occur
  • Generate and deliver invoices with batch email bill processing
  • Prevent bill returns
  • Manage credit card processing
  • Ensure compliance
  • Prevent overdraws
  • Import/export into/from Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word, Corel® WordPerfect® or Intuit® QuickBooks®
  • Support secure mobile access
  • View 3600 Overview Reports

Case and Matter Management

PCLaw® centralized case and matter management software works to improve your client service levels while helping your law practice to run smoothly. Features to:

  • Streamline your new client and matter intake process
  • Prevent loss of billable time with forms and templates
  • Save related information (people, contacts, and other related cases, matter, or firm information)
  • Organize communications, notes, documents, events, and more
  • Manage firm-wide calendars, To Do lists, and deadlines
  • Connect events, tasks, phone records, and notes to client matters and contacts

Billing and Collections

PCLaw® software is designed to support your law practice’s ability to meet client billing needs while reducing internal billing cycles. Features to:

  • Support special client requirements including hourly, flat-fee, split, contingency, retainer and task-based billing.
  • Use standard bill formats, create custom bills for individual clients, or create new bill templates for future use
  • Many electronic billing formats supported including LEDES 2.0, LEDES 1998A and LEDES 1998B
  • Batch email bills
  • Use quick-bill capabilities to create client bills on demand
  • Ensure accounting record accuracy for work-in-progress, accounts receivable, trust accounting, and client ledger information
  • Secure credit card processing with PayPros

Time and Expense Capture

PCLaw® software is designed to help you to generate more revenue for your law practice with functions to capture more of your billable hours. For example, it provides the ability to track billable hours and expenses with traditional timesheet entries or timer plug-ins and is available for both web browser and office applications. At the end of the day, the Time Entry Advisor will send you a reminder indicating that day’s unbilled tasks. Features help you to:

  • Use traditional timesheets or timer plug-ins
  • Receive end-of-day reminders about unbilled tasks
  • Filter and review all unbilled activities
  • Create multiple time entries
  • PCLaw Mobility lets you enter time and expenses from any device, anywhere


PCLaw software helps to improve your law practices cash flow with
essential legal accounting capabilities. Features to:

  • Identify clients with outstanding balances
  • Prioritize collection efforts
  • Write checks and receive client payments
  • Manage client trust funds with built-in safeguards
  • Reconcile trust and general bank accounts
  • Manage accounts receivables and payables
  • Process payroll and prepare federal and state tax forms
  • Use reports to monitor firm finances, productivity, or client ledger activity
  • Export accounting data into QuickBooks


Security capabilities work to prevent unauthorized access.

PCLaw® allows your law practice to restrict access to sensitive areas of the program such as client and matter data, check writing, reporting, financial information, and system settings.

Additional security is built in with audit-trail capabilities that track and log all system entries.

Dashboard Views

Dashboard views in PCLaw streamline law practice oversight.
Your dashboard view helps you to stay on top of your schedule, find matter information and monitor financial performance without printing reports. Features include:

  • My Practice: Includes your calendar appointments, To Do’s, new email, phone messages, recent matters, quick links, and more
  • My Clients: A centralized view of each client’s matters, meetings, tasks and ticklers, emails, documents, contact details, recent activities, account details such as the client’s most recent payment
  • My Business: View firm financials from income and expenses to key performance indicators and transactions


Mobility functions within PC Law® help your practice to capture billable time and expenses wherever you choose to work, whether in the office or on the go. PCLaw® Mobility services help to keep law firm finances, client matters, and your calendar organized and in control.

When you synchronize your mobile devices with Microsoft® Outlook® you can access your calendar and contact information. Features to:

  • Enter time and expenses using your web-enabled mobile device
  • Obtain PCLaw® matter, client, calendar, documents, notes, and task information in real time
  • Integrate Web-enabled mobile devices with Microsoft Outlook to access calendar and contact information
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